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SUPER042 - BOSCH: 0 265 200 042 (BMW M3 PN: 34 51 1 157 397)

SUPER042 - BOSCH: 0 265 200 042 (BMW M3 PN: 34 51 1 157 397)

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This latest production BOSCH 0 265 200 042 found in 1992+ model year M3's features a fundamental internal solenoid engineering overhaul. The solenoid traveler valve is upgraded and made in polished chromoly steel. The larger traveler has more magnetically reactive mass and this revised design allows for moving the return spring inboard and nearly tripling in size over its predecessor design. The larger spring returns the valve to rest faster and eliminates the possibility of sludge blocking the springs movements. Finally the plastic caged internal bearings present in the earlier design have been completely eliminated as the revised design does not need or benefit from them, providing one less failure point. The solenoids on this pump are specific to the 042 Super series of pumps. Yes they are M3 specific both in part number AND in the size of the flow through orifices inside the solenoids. The M3 solenoids are higher flowing than their non-M counterparts. The upper manifold plate has lost the bosses for top facing ports found on other models and now sports a sleek upper top plate. The primary difference between the late 042 and the mid 042 is the addition of cosmetic sleeves made of aluminum that cover the solenoid frames. These are finished in a brushed texture (pictured) but can be offered in polished. The sleeves are often not salvageable from core pumps due to galvanic corrosion and as such they do carry a modest premium over non sleeved pumps. The cover shroud and chassis wiring hold down are secured with T15 Torx screws.

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