Specializing in the Bosch ABS2 topology anti-lock brake hydraulic units found primarily in classic 1978-1994 European automobiles with limited applications in US, and Japanese vehicles.

  • Unrelenting Detail

    Each pump is painstakingly disassembled with proprietary tooling manufactured exclusively for the purpose. 

    Each component is ultrasonically cleaned, vapor honed, carefully assessed and finally reassembled with the utmost of care only a true artisan can provide after fully reconditioning each sub component to as new condition.

  • Safety You Can Afford

    Whether you're interested in peace of mind for your daily driver, or a conversation piece for your restoration project you can be assured you'll get fantastic value for the dollar. Flexible core exchange program and shipping options to suit individual needs.

    BOSCH®  discontinued availability of the ABS2 topology pumps in the late 90's - early 2000's and most were well in excess of $4000 USD at the time they became NLA.  

  • A Quality Promise

    Absolute commitment to providing a product that looks and functions as close to new as is possible. 

    Carefully refined techniques & new reproduction components ensure the highest possible quality end result for years of faithful service restoring the safety of your treasured car to as it was originally engineered. 


Disassembled examples of what to expect is lurking inside your pump and why this is an such an important safety upgrade for your BOSCH ABS2 equipped classic car.  

Teardown Gallery


M539 Restorations

"This pump was fully clogged... I can honestly say that this pump looks far better now than when it was brand new. What a thing of beauty!"

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Frank Macaluso


"As clean as it gets. 

If you are looking for any single component  to define the caliber of the build we are working here. 

It is this component."

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E30 Owner

"It is one of the best "upgrades" I have ever made to my car...I had no idea how poorly the ABS unit was working until I put in a good-as-new one. It works fast, modulates wheel slip very nicely, and the pedal no longer drops to the floor like almost everyone says it is supposed to"

Build Thread


ISSIMI Meccanica Inc

"From one business to another, it is always hard to trust someone new but, when the work done looks like something that belongs in an art museum and tests are made to ensure functionality of every single component... you soon realize Bosch clearly cannot do it better. Also, me and the tech were stuck on the Bosch ABS Unit for about an hour wondering if we should just keep it as a shelf item."


E30 Owner

"Mine has been driven for the last 20 years almost daily and mine looked like this (see gallery) or even worse.  I also flushed the brake fluid every 2-3 years. My pump was no where near working as I can feel it all the time now."

The Bimmer Guys

"We had an e30 with a clogged up ABS unit. We got the refurbed unit installed and bled and works like new!"

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    Houston, Texas

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