Cores & Shipping

If you are sending in your own unit for refurbishment it is vital the pump be reasonably packaged for shipment as they weigh 11-14lbs and will be damaged in transit if care is not taken. 

Do you purchase cores?

Yes. Depending on current inventory levels, physical condition and rarity of the unit in question. Purchase price varies accordingly.

Is there a core charge on units?

Yes, on nearly all units a core charge is required if not sending one in ahead of time. This core charge will be refunded in full upon receipt of a rebuildable core. Units with especially bad rust, severe impacts or blooming corrosion in the aluminum castings are not considered rebuildable and should be discussed prior to purchase of an refurbished pump.  

What if I have no core, or don't return it in the 60 day window?

Cores are essential to ongoing refurbishment work, each one gives parts and components to others. If you don't have the core or cannot return it this must be discussed upfront. If you fail to return the core in the specified period warranty will be invalidated on the refurbished unit unless otherwise arranged.

What do I need to send in / back?

Keep your "ABS" electrical shroud but send its retaining screw

Keep your relays.

Keep your rubber mounting isolators

Send everything else!

How are these units shipped?

Most pumps are shipped in a double walled 12x9x9 cardboard carton and packed securely in Instapak expanding foam liners. These cartons are suitable for reuse to return the core.

Can you ship outside the US?

Yes, absolutely. While the cost varies, and can often be on the expensive side after tax/duty is accounted for I have units in Puerto Rico, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and the Czech Republic to name a few!