Installation & Warranty

  • Warranty

    Each ABS hydraulic unit is guaranteed to work as well as originally engineered for the purchaser. Each pump is serialized. Provided no malfeasance befalls the pump it is warrantied for a period of 1 year from its ship date. Should a problem arise in this time period please contact directly to arrange for warranty replacement. Cross shipping available with deposit as inventory units allow to ensure minimal down time. Warranty coverage is limited to the original purchase price of the pump or its current replacement cost and does not cover improper installation, labor charges, fluids, consequential damages and or loss of use.  

  • Line Fittings

    The line fittings are labeled with German abbreviations as follows:


    H = Hinten = rear 

    V = Vorne = front 

    Outlet (3 channel)

    h = Hinten = rear

    = Vorne Links = front left

    r = Vorne Rechts = front right 

    Outlet (4 channel)

    HR = Hinten Rechts = rear right 

    HL = Hinten Links = rear left 

    VR = Vorne Rechts = front right 

    VL = Vorne Links = front left

    Start fittings by hand and do not force, the M10x1 line fittings can be cross threaded easily.

  • Brake hydraulic system bleeding

     It is recommended to use a power bleeder along with an assistant. Initial round of bleeding with the power bleeder alone will push the most fluid through the system. Once the fluid is at each caliper have an assistant help with the traditional "2 man" method of pumping the brake pedal and then releasing the pressure at each caliper while holding the pedal and repeating until the pedal becomes firm and linear. Test braking operation from stand still and once satisfied test drive the vehicle and when situated and in a safe space attempt to engage the ABS. If all feels well you are done, else one more round of bleeding may be required. 

  • Upkeep & Care

    Avoid acidic or alkaline cleaners, wash pump with pH neutral soap and water only and thoroughly dry when done.

    Driving in wintery conditions in climates that spread sodium chloride (NaCl) as a deicer will as with any bare aluminum or zinc plated parts cause degradation of the outward cosmetic appearance. 

    Fully exchanging the brake fluid in the hydraulic system is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers every two years or any time moisture rises to 3% or greater to maintain safe and reliable system operation.