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Refurbished 12V DC Pump Motor

Refurbished 12V DC Pump Motor

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Bosch PN on rear end cover

Even the nicest surviving pump motors 30 years + into their lives have been compromised in one way or another, approximately 1 in 50 are entirely usable as is without further consideration.

Common cosmetic issues:

Dinged, dented case.
Rusted or corroded zinc plating.
Battery acid etching.

Common mechanical issues:

Squealing or whining when powered due to worn or seizing bearings.
Burned brushes and commutator due to bearing seizure.
Cam bearing seized causing galling, overheating of return pump pistons and seal failure.

Each refurnished motor is completely disassembled. The cases are pressed apart, cleaned, stripped and replated in fresh bright clear zinc plating. Each commutator/rotor shaft assembly is cleaned and impedance checked across the commutator bar. Bearing interfaces on shaft are cleaned and polished. New bearings are installed.

Original shielded rotor bearings are replaced with upgraded SKF sealed bearings, 1 large forward bearing that takes the primary load, 1 tail shaft bearing to ensure the rotor spins true, and one new INA needle bearing to compliment the new cam lobe ensuring the return pump pistons run cool.

As this is a brushed DC motor the brush holder is inspected and new brushes are installed as needed. The finished pump is assembled and tested to wear in the new brush to commutator interface until the amperage draw falls into specification, while the rotating assembly is checked for smooth quiet operation. 

All completely refurbished ABS Hydraulic Units purchased from this store include a Refurbished 12V DC Pump Motor

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