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HS032 - BOSCH: 0 265 201 032 (BMW PN: 34 51 1 160 006)

HS032 - BOSCH: 0 265 201 032 (BMW PN: 34 51 1 160 006)

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Used in E31, E32, E34 w/ ASC+T traction control. The yellow zinc plated solenoid bodies are unique to the 032 series of pumps, as are the solenoids inside, and are additionally sleeved made of aluminum that cover the solenoid frames. Many pump internal and external components are shared with their E30 brethren, but the main pump casting and upper manifold plate are specific to the 032 series of pumps. 4 channel ABS operation w/ ASC +T traction control. While earlier pumps had thread in plug fittings these housings utilize highly tamper resistant blind circlip retainers which make this pump exceedingly difficult to take apart for service. The cover shroud and chassis wiring hold down are secured with a T15 torx screw.

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