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EARLY042 - BOSCH: 0 265 200 042 (BMW M3 PN: 34 51 1 157 397)

EARLY042 - BOSCH: 0 265 200 042 (BMW M3 PN: 34 51 1 157 397)

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The earliest of E30 M3 ABS pumps the first iterations of the BOSCH 0 265 200 042 has ditched the redundant ground (pin #8) on the main chassis connector, and again on the solenoid relay which is characterized by 4 pins unlike the 5 pin used on early models. The solenoids on this pump are specific to the 042 series of pumps. Yes they are M3 specific both in part number AND in the size of the flow through orifices inside the solenoids. The M3 solenoids are higher flowing than their non-M counterparts. The upper manifold plate was used on other vehicle models with top facing fluid exits but is not drilled or threaded on this application. The humps remain in the casting as unused bosses. The cover shroud and chassis wiring hold down are secured with T15 Torx screws

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